Decaf Review

Wife can only have decaf due to stomach problems. She has been drinking this coffee for over a year with no problems. She loves the flavor, especially compared to Starbucks.


Breakfast Blend Review

I loved this blend! Smooth, easy to drink and amazing in a French press! I can’t wait to try more roasts, but this one will probably always be my go-to!


Vietnam Lotus Review

As a dedicated and experienced coffee drinker, I seldom find a dark roasted bean that I enjoy drinking: it always seems to me that there is an overwhelming burnt flavor that ruins the whole experience of drinking my daily cup. However, not with the Vietnam Lotus! As depicted from the notes on the front of the bag, the taste is smokey, yet smooth. The body of the coffee does taste like dark chocolate! And best of all? The Vietnam Lotus gave me hope of what a great cup of dark roast is supposed to taste like! I am at the end of my bag, but I will definitely be ordering more soon!